What is Wunderstock?

Wunderstock is both a free photo library and a photo search tool. Use it to quickly find inspiring free visuals for a variety of uses. You can even edit images before downloading.

How can I use the photos on this website?

Most photos you’ll see on Wunderstock are available under a public domain (CC0) license. You can use these images free of charge any way you would like, even commercially. No attribution is required.

If our search algorithm feels it hasn’t found enough suitable public domain photos, Wunderstock may show select Creative Commons photos from Flickr or own own library. These photos always require you to provide attribution and may prohibit commercial use. If that’s the case, you’ll see this information clearly marked.

What if a photo contains a brand, person or another work of art?

There may be situations where a photo contains an identifiable person, another work of art, or a brand logo. You may need additional permission to use these photos, especially for commercial projects.

You should never use photos of identifiable people to endorse a product or service without explicit permission.

How can I submit photos?

We’re not quite ready to accept submissions yet, but we will soon.

How can I contact Wunderstock?

Please visit our contact page or email hello@wunderstock.com.